Takako Uno



Takako Uno, a full time marine photojournalist, has co-authored with husband, Stephen Wong, of “An Ocean Odyssey” - a 240-page wide blue book recently published.  Takako’s works have appeared in quite a number of books, marine periodicals and photo exhibitions.  Besides her award-winning images in competitions, including BBC Wildlife Photo Contest and Marine Photo Japan Grand Prix Winner, Takako has discovered a new species of Nudibranch from Indonesia, now termed as “Takako’s Trapania” by Mr. Neville Coleman & Dr. Bob Burn.  Her ‘Manatee’ image has been selected to be used in PADI International homepage montage.  Takako’s new book, “Gorontalo”, together with Stephen and Mr. William Tan will be out in 2006.  If you are interested in Takako’s books & works, please drop her e-mail at divetoto@hotmail.com.  www.takakouno.com