A World to Discover

In its second edition, Oceans Expo presented what probably was one of the most amazing photographic journeys through the oceans. "Oceans a World to Discover" reflected the grandiosity, beauty and immensity of the oceans and its inhabitants. In order to achieve this ambitious and somewhat utopist objective, fourteen of the most renowned and experienced underwater photographers has been asked to share their spectacular images, the history behind each one and their particular point of view regarding the significance and importance of discovering the oceans.


The lenses of David Doubilet, Doug Perrine, Brian Skerry, Amos Nachoum, Stephen Frink, Bernardo Sambra, Rod Klein, Stuart and Michele Westmorland, Takako Uno, Mauricio Handler, Bill Curtsinger, Stephen Wong, Mirko Zanni has been conjugated in one amazing exhibition.

More than 150 large format images act as an open invitation to all of those who were interested in knowing the more wild, spectacular and magical side of our planet.

Discovering without destroying is the challenge for all of those who accept this invitation.

As part of "Oceans a World to Discover", a book called Oceans was released. With a foreword by David Doubilet, this very limited edition coffee table book was unveiled on the opening date of the exhibition.

Oceans was awarded as the Grand Book of the Year by the prestigious PADIS awards!