David Doubilet and Jennifer hayes



David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes are a National Geographic Photographic team that specialize in making underwater imagery from the warm equatorial waters to the poles. 


David is currently working on his 70th story for the National Geographic and is considered the most prolific living photographer at the magazine. Jennifer is a zoologist / marine biologist specializing in primitive fishes and sharks. They have descended beneath Africa’s dark waters to photograph elephants and Nile crocodiles, explored beneath the polar ice and the shrinking world of sharks, photographed real time sinking ships and are documenting effect of climate change on coral reef systems around the globe. 

Jennifer and David co-produce stories, books and exhibitions. They have spent a combined total of 30,000 hours working underwater. They are both members of the Explorers Club and contributing editors to Ocean related publications. David is a Rolex Ambassador, recipient of numerous awards including the BBC, POY, Lennart Nillsson, The Academy of Achievement and a member of the Royal photographic Society and founding member of ILCP. Their favorite place to be on the planet is home on the St Lawrence River. 

David and Jennifer believe that as journalists who enter the sea we are all on the front lines of a battle to save the oceans and to raise awareness of the acute state of our oceans that predominantly cover our planet. Their goal is to use photography as a universal visual language to expose the fragile beauty of the seas and to convince the unconvinced that THE SEAS ARE FINITE and FRAGILE.