Amos Nachoum


Amos Nachoum is an internationally awarded marine and wildlife photographer; leader of National Geographic expedition teams which have included Dr. Eugenie Clark, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and Buzz Aldrin; co-producer of television documentaries with Stan Waterman; and he is anauthor as well.

Amos' photos and essays have appeared in more than 500 publications in North America, Europe, and Japan. Born in Israel and having a passion for marine life, Amos co-founded Israel’s Marine National Park on the Red Sea. Following a noteworthy military career, Amos embarked on three years adventure circumnavigating the world.

Amos moved to the United States where in 1978 he established La Mer Diving Seafari Inc., which managed and operate 15 live aboard dive vessels worldwide. In 1992 he developed his second adventure-travel company supporting his vision and profession - Big Animals Photography Expeditions. Amos specializes in Big Animals photography in the wild producing images & stories for magazines, TV, Hollywood and he consider & called “the Ambassador of BigAnimals”. Amos leading intimate (4-6) clients on assignments to observe, photograph, and interact with great white sharks, killer whales, Polar bears, leopard Seals and humpback whales, dolphins and more. Leading expeditions from the North Pole to Antarctica, Amos believes that through observation and interaction people will both understand and learn to respect our fragile environment and protect the most imposing inhabitants in our universe.