José Alejandro Álvarez

José Alejandro Álvarez is an underwater photographer and conservationist born in the Dominican Republic. 

Having been born on an island in the middle of the Caribbean, he was easily attracted by the sea from an early age. He spent a great deal of time exploring the shallow waters using a mask, snorkel and fins, getting to know the sea and its inhabitants.

Alvarez’s introduction to scuba diving gear in 1989 opened the doors to new frontiers of exploration and in 1996 he started using small disposable cameras in order to share his underwater experiences with friends and family. After many rolls of film, having read many books on underwater photography and the acquisition of better photographic gear, his passion for exploration turned into a passion to capture what he witnessed underwater.

Having dived in some of the world’s most spectacular places, Álvarez has won several international underwater photographic contests since 2003. Today, he alternates his day job with his photographic work using the latter to raise awareness on the critical situation of marine environments and to promote their conservation.

As part of his conservation efforts, Álvarez is founding member of the Fundación Espeleobuceo Hispaniola that focuses on exploring the Dominican Republic’s numerous underwater caves. He is also a member of the board of directors of Reef Check DR, which monitors coral reefs and promotes the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Álvarez’s work has been published in several magazines worldwide including: Fathoms, Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, and Nature’s Best. His images have also appeared in the following publications: “Cuevas sumergidas de la República Dominicana”, “Mar Azul” and “Legado de Vida: Parques Nacionales de la República Dominicana”.